Moscow plans to modernise all tram depots

Moscow tram depotsAll Moscow tram depots will enter large-scale reconstruction programme which is expected to be completed by 2040. All of the facilities will be adapted to the latest generations of vehicles.

Apakov depot, the oldest in the city, will be reconstructed by the end of 2023 when it will receive 60 new modern trams. Moreover, Moscow plans to build a new Nagatino tram depot on the site of the former 7th trolleybus depot by 2025.

As a result of the reconstruction, all Moscow tram depots will have the latest equipment to service modern railcars in their repair facilities, outdoor areas will become wider and more spacious and working conditions for staff and drivers will improve.

“All the tram depots in the city will have to meet the modern standards in order to operate the latest generation carriages, which is the aim of the programme for their complete renovation scheduled to last until 2040. In the future, Moscow will have seven operating sites for tram service,” Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport said.

There are currently five depots operating in Moscow. While one depot is closed for renovation, all cars served there are distributed to others, so the modernisation programme for all tram depots is designed for the long term.

Moscow authorities are focused on the expansion and renewal of tram fleet until the end of 2023 when will have only modern and low-floor trams. The rolling stock of the four depots has already been 100% renewed, Liksutov explained. This project will increase public transport ridership by delivering more comfortable and new trams.

The city authorities have announced that by the end of 2023 the tram fleet will be entirely low-floor, a programme that also includes the renewal of the tracks and the adjustment of the existing stops.

The city acquired Vityaz-Moskva trams manufactured by PC Transport Systems. In 2020, the company won a contract for the supply of 114 vehicles out of which 74 three-section Vityaz-M trams and 40 single-section trams that have been delivered in July 2021. The manufacturer will also be responsible for the maintenance services for a period of 30 years.


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