Moscow launches its new tram

Moscow has put into service the first of 13 low-floor Vityaz-M trams on line 17 from Ostankino Park to VDNKh, and will provide access to large shopping centres hospitals and the Babushkinskaya metro station. By 2019 the city will receive 300 new Vityaz-M tramcars, manufactured in Russia. 100 of them will be delivered this year. Moscow’s tram route length is about 417 km.
The Vityaz-M’s maximum capacity is 260 persons with 60 seats. There will be no turnstiles in the new trams, as in all trams on line 17. The tram can be boarded or exited via any door. The Vityaz-M has more doors, with two of the six doors single doors and four are double-doors.
Another feature that distinguishes the new tram from the previous model is air conditioning. The new Russian trams are also equipped with a satellite navigation system and surveillance cameras. For passengers with impaired mobility, the tram doors are equipped with a button to contact the driver as well as with an access ramp, there is also dedicated wheelchair space and seats.

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