Minnesota’s Governor released a plan to modernize transport infrastructure

MinnesotaGovernor of Minnesota Mark Dayton proposed a plan to modernize Minnesota’s transport infrastructure. Among other transport modes, Governor Dayton’s plan would invest USD 2.356 billion in local government transportation projects, and provide USD 2.92 billion for Metro and Greater Minnesota transit systems. The Governor’s proposal would create an estimated 119,000 new jobs, and build the infrastructure necessary to meet the demands of a growing population and an expanding state economy.
“Inadequate transportation clogs our lives with worse traffic congestion, longer commutes, more dangerous travel conditions. Those deficiencies restrict our future economic growth and detract from our quality of life,” said Governor Dayton.
With new funding proposed by Governor Dayton, the state can make needed repairs and new investments in our transportation and transit systems – ensuring that Minnesotans are driving on safe, reliable roads and bridges, and have better access to a variety of low-cost transit options. Those improvements would include better transit across Minnesota. The Governor’s plan would fund 20 new transitways, increase metro area bus service by 27 percent, increase Metro Area transit ridership by an estimated 80 percent, meet 90 percent of all transit needs in Greater Minnesota, and increase transit service in Greater Minnesota by nearly 500,000 hours of service each year.


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