Mexico to publish preliminary terms for new HSR tender

mexic_indexMexico will publish preliminary terms on January 14 for a US$3.75 billion high-speed train contract that was  unexpectedly cancelled in November last, Mexico’s Transportation Ministry said.
The terms of the tender, which will be open for 180 days, will be similar to the original one, the government said. A supervisor will oversee the process, the statement added, to ensure “the full transparency and legality of the process from the start of the bidding process.”
The government revoked the single-bid deal shortly before disclosures that the Mexican president’s wife was acquiring a luxury home from a Mexican company that was part of the winning consortium led by China Railway Construction Corp.
The 210-km (130-mile) line to connect Mexico City and the central city of Querétaro is expected to move 27,000 passengers daily at speeds of up to 300 km per hour (186 mph).

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