Metro de Panamá signs USD 1.85 bn contract for the construction of Metro Line 2

Panama-metrou_1523399_698139350216423_685187926_oThe contract was signed between Metro de Panamá and Consorcio Línea 2 (CL2), composed of Construtora Norberto Odebrecht and FCC Construction, both companies being 100% responsible for all aspects of the works. The value of the contract amounts to PAB 1,857,708,728 (USD 1.85 bn, EUR 1.67 bn) out of which the state financing amounts to PAB 205,044,945 (USD 205 thousands, EUR 185 thousands).
The consortium will have to finalise the construction works within 44 months after the signing of the contract.
In the first stage, Line 2 will have a length of 21 kilometers of elevated rail tracks and will have 16 stations, located at the points of greatest concentration of users from San Miguelito to the community of Nuevo Tocumen. The line will operate 21 trains with five cars each.

Photo: Metro de  Panamá Line 1, already in use since April 2015

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