Mercitalia and PJM launch innovative pilot train

Smartest freight train Mercitalia Intermodal and PJM collaborated to launch Europe’s smartest freight train equipped with innovative technologies which will reduce the delivery time and costs and will offer increased safety and efficiency.

The train is fitted with real-time condition-based monitoring, multi-diagnosis system for load monitoring, train dynamic control, real-time trestle monitoring, as well as automated brake testing system.

The integrated in-train communication can transmit data to the train driver in case of derailment, incorrect braking conditions, brake overloads, hot box warnings, trestle monitoring and any other safety-related and technical relevant problems. This available technology serves to increase safety and avoid critical running situations and defects, as well as to optimise operational processes and to increase efficiency.

“With this digital all-round equipment, the intelligent freight train has already reached nearly the full development stage and can be expanded to include coupling functions with the DAC5, if required. The smartest freight train covers all relevant functions, from transport preparation to monitoring during transport”, Günter Petschnig, the CEO of PJM said.

The majority of the functionalities are performed via the proven, digital overall system WaggonTracker which serves as the basic platform for the wide range of technologies. The digital is powerful and energy-autonomous thanks to the wheel hub generator. The system can operate the digital goods train without DAC but is also compatible with DAC systems. Due to the modality of the system, it is possible to integrate any number of sensors such as axle bearing temperature monitoring. The in-train communication is based on a long-range radio system (based on LoRa) that is designed for maximum availability and ensures an encrypted, secured connection as well as direct communication to the locomotive driver.

The dynamic control functions and the automated braking system monitoring functions as well as the trestle monitoring are to be developed and optimised in the course of the Combined Transport project, together with Mercitalia Intermodal and TX Logistik. Thanks to the technical concept, the overall system is fully scalable and can be expanded by any complex monitoring and automation processes, which is currently only provided by the WaggonTracker system.



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