Masats brings public transport accessibility to a new level

The 50 years of experience made Masats a leading company when it comes to accessibility in public transport, being a reliable supplier of electric and pneumatic doors and accessibility systems (ramps and lifts) for buses and coaches. Since 2008, Masats started to supply products for railway vehicles, including passenger electric doors, ramps and steps for rolling stock.


In 2014, the company took a strategic decision to develop a line of specific products for railway sector which reinforces its current decisive and exciting commitment to the development of platform doors. The company entered the PSD rail platform screen door sector, and two years later, in 2016, the company launched the new activity with products for the Infrastructure in stations: the Platform Screen Doors PSD and an innovative Gap Filler. The range of products for stations infrastructure also includes the communication system between train and PSD doors, named Thyralink that adds possibilities to the innovative Masats Platform Screen Doors PSD. Its PSD system consists of a barrier installed at the edge of the platform that it is synchronized with the on  board door of the train. It is an essential system for automated metro lines.

The PSD provides an important safety device preventing accidental falls on the track and at the same time helps to improve the climate conditions of the station reducing the noise and improving the quality of the air on the platform for passengers. Masats’ modular System combines different functional modules and provides tailor-made systems which can approach the needs of each platform. Its modern concept offers many possibilities for customization options such as advertising signs, CCTV circuits, first-aid kits and other facilities.

The Gap-Filler is an automatically extending board that provides a safe and comfortable passenger access, particularly for people with reduced mobility. The product is designed to bridge the gap between the train and the station platform, especially in areas where the gap is excessive, as the case of curved stations. It is important that the GF-1 solution can be used as a “stand-alone” unit, or it can be integrated into the company’s Platform Screen Doors to form a unique accessibility system.

International dimension

During its more than 50 years of experience, Masats has proved to be a reliable and flexible supplier always customer oriented. The company exports 53% of its production to more than 40 countries, on three continents: Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Besides its increasing weight in Europe and Asia, its presence on the United States market is becoming more and more significant. The launch of the manufacturing process in 2018, at the local plant in the United States (in Kennesaw, the state of Georgia) for the production of bus doors for the local market, and the record turnover of the company in 2018 are the main milestones. The company posted EUR 46 million in turnover in the last financial year, with a market share of 90% in Spain’s bus/road sector.

The turnover in the rail sector increased significantly in 2018, in reward for the intense innovation efforts. With an overwhelming market share in Spain, Masats currently exports its production to countries such as Germany, Belgium, Poland, Malaysia, Mexico and Portugal.

The efforts undertaken in the railway sector made Masats to gain its position on the market, receiving orders from some of the largest rolling stock manufacturers, such as CAF, Stadler or Hitachi.

Currently, Masats main railway product in terms of sales are the sliding plug doors for light EMU trains, for the European market.
At its facilities near Barcelona, Masats continues its commitment to high quality and reliable products that provide added value for clients. With the Product Strategy committee, the company wants to be a step ahead of the needs by supplying products that meet the highest expectations.

Improve your experience at the UITP summit

Masats is attending the UITP exhibition in Stockholm with products that showcase the company’s innovation and technology in road and railway transport.

• A Passenger electric Sliding Plug door for EMU or light rail vehicles, a robust and reliable system. Product is  designed to lower Life Cycle costs and improve safety and passenger experience.

Platform Gap Filler, suitable for straight or curved rail platforms. The Gap Filler it is placed on station platforms to cover the gap between the platform and the train. It is addressed to people with reduced mobility, but it also provides safety and quick access for all passengers when boarding or alighting. The launch at InnoTrans 2018 was a high success, due to the speed of the system, the synchronism with the platform doors and the optimum design that allows to achieve an exceptional extended width in fixed structures.

Platform Screen Doors PSD. Due to the huge size of the doors, at the exhibition, Masats will show its PSD doors in a Virtual Reality experience where visitors will be able to customize and build the station platform with different options, thanks to the door modularity. Platform screen doors provide safety for passengers, as they prevent accidental falls and improve climate control and quality of the air in the stations. Masats PSDs allow for greater user interaction. The avant-garde design of the architecture offers customizable modules such as the passenger information module, first aid module, advertising module, etc.

• For the bus sector, Masats will display a sliding door for city buses (Electric Sliding door 028C), working with a telescopic ramp RT1. Masats’ philosophy is continuous innovation in new mechanisms that incorporate the latest materials and technologies, always with the aim of increasing efficiency, improving availability, reducing weight, and improving and facilitating passenger access.

We want to improve the quality of life of passengers, facilitating mobility for all people.

Meet us at our stand no A2140!

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