MagRail Booster to be tested in India

MagRail Booster Nevomo and Umeandus Technologies, an Indian company specializing in the development of an Automated Container Evacuation System (ACES) have launched a partnership to introduce MagRail Booster across country’s transport network. The partnership aims at identifying, piloting and deploying their combined technologies to increase virtual capacity across India’s ports railways, and freight distribution facilities.

“We are very pleased to work with Nevomo to transform surface transport and logistics infrastructure with next-generation technologies of e-FTS, Carri-Port and Directport. Technology intervention is important to achieve resource optimisation for a sustainable circular economy. Umeandus’s efforts are focused on enhancing land and space productivity and reducing the energy intensity of surface transport especially for freight in helping achieve net zero targets faster,” Rajeev Chanan-CEO & MD Umeandus Technologies said.

The use of MagRail Booster technology for this market segment will enable ports to achieve significantly higher capacity, performance and sustainability in the foreseeable future. This type technology intervention will assist in India developing low-cost solutions to aid its aim of becoming a USD 5 trillion economy by 2027 and the third largest economy in the world. This collaboration will enable additional infrastructure capacity needed for the quick, easy, clean and efficient movement of goods and materials essential to the new trade corridor between India the Middle East and Europe.

“The development of 21st Century technology retrofitted to existing infrastructure will enable India to upgrade and get ‘’more for less’’ from its existing ports and rail infrastructure. This collaboration between India and Poland, exemplifies the cooperative effort envisioned to support the trade link announced during last year’s G20 Summit which consists of a crucial land sea-bridge corridor to enable the smooth flow of trade and bolster supply chain resilience necessary to strengthen trade ties between India, the European Union,” said Harj Dhaliwal, Chief Business and Capital Programmes Officer at Nevomo.

MagRail allows a unique incremental approach to modernizing and improving existing networks. Nevomo’s technology is a major technological breakthrough allowing railways to significantly increase their capacity and efficiency at low cost and assist in reducing CO2 emissions in transport networks terminals and ports. The deployment of MagRail technology within the existing rail infrastructure, allows it to be to be considered as the preferred technology for legacy transport systems making them greener, faster, more efficient and interoperable ready for the 21st century.



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