MagRail and CargoTube to innovate mobility industry

mobility industry Nevomo and the Institute of Hyperloop Technology (IHT) at the University of Applied ScienceEmden/Leer, Germany, entering the next phase of their strategic partnership to advance next-generation technologies for the mobility industry.

A central element of this collaboration is the integration of Nevomo’s MagRail propulsion system and power electronics into the institute’s GoTube demonstrator. The initiative will also validate the scalability and efficiency of MagRail technology, paving the way for future applications in Hyperrail and ultra – high speed rail systems.

“Bringing Nevomo on board as a technology partner for our GoTube project has allowed us to advance the technical development of our project,” said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schüning, Board of Directors, Institute of Hyperloop Technology.

CargoTube is a new approach to low-pressure tube transport (LPTT) that uses proven technologies and can be rapidly deployed in freight transport. This makes it an affordable alternative and preliminary step to solutions such as complex conventional hyperloop systems.

CargoTube is less costly to implement and provides lower safety and infrastructure requirements. At the same time, it is complementary and compatible with new hyperloop standards and technologies. The solution provides a number of benefits including zero direct emissions while ensuring the rapid movement of goods with great potential for sustainably linking urban areas, economic regions and manufacturing plants.

“The implementation of magnetic propulsion for CargoTube paves the way for a completely contactless guided and levitating system for high-speed applications,’ said Prof. Dr. Walter Neu, Board of Directors, Institute of Hyperloop Technology.

Nevomo’s proven track record in developing scalable solutions for both conventional and maglev rail transport not only provides a solid foundation for enhancing future systems’ interoperability and multimodality but is a game changer in streamlining and developing high-speed transport across Europe and worldwide. Nevomo’s approach to implementing hyperloop-inspired technologies will be able to be reliably tested in a controlled hyperloop environment, preparing the ground for the future steps in the development of technologies such as MagRail / Maglev and Hyperloop.

The partnership between the two sides will innovate mobility industry and “will prove that a seamless link of railway and hyperloop is technically doable, via MagRail as a bridging technology. We are very proud to have the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer as our partner,’ said Stefan Kirch, Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder, Nevomo.

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