Luka Koper introduced RMG technology

Luka Koper has inaugurated the crane rails for new RMG cranes (overhead travelling cranes on rails) for the increase of train loading productivity.
With the accomplished crane rails construction at the container terminal, Luka Koper has brought to an end the first part of its substantial investing in the container terminal. By 2020, the largest part of planned investments, EUR 235 million will be invested in the same terminal.
Since the RMG cranes move on rails, a new 740-metre-long crane lane had to be constructed and the warehousing blocks at the same terminal had to be moved. The new cranes will enable the loading and unloading of containers on five trainsets simultaneously. Until now, Luka Koper had only three railway tracks that we previously extended and subsequently, and under the project, the company built additional two tracks, each 700 metres long.
“Luka Koper already holds one of the largest shares in the modal split, namely 60 percent and maintains the leading position in the Adriatic region in this segment. Last year, we dispatched 22,879 trains, which is 7.6-percent more than in the previous year. Only at the container terminal, we register on average 24 arrivals and departures of block trains per day and these trains connect Koper with all industrial centres of Central Europe”, Dragomir Matić, the president of the management board of Luka Koper said.
This year, Luka Koper will extend the container terminal shore by 100 metres and will construct additional warehousing surfaces for containers in the terminal’s hinterland.

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