Latvian EMU contract signed

Škoda Vagonka and Latvian state railways (Pasažieru Vilciens) signed the EUR 240 million contract for the supply of 32 single-deck EMUs for suburban transport. The contract includes maintenance services, spare parts supply and training. The trains should be supplied gradually in the years 2022-2023. They will enter commercial services along the entire track, especially on tracks from Riga to Aizkraukle, Tukums, Skulte and Jelgava. Passenger capacity will be at least 400 seated passengers and up to 450 standing passengers. The trains are able to run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h.
“We are very pleased that Škoda Vagonka was announced the winner of this important contract that it signed with Pasažieru Vilciens,” Martin Bednarz, Chairman of Škoda Vagonka, said.
Škoda Vagonka best fulfilled the terms of the tender and offered the best price for the operation of the new modern trains for 35 years. This included the price of the electric trains, as well as the cost of maintenance, energy consumption, etc. for their entire period of operation. Škoda was also the only company to offer dual system trains, which is a significant advantage due to the ongoing electrification of tracks in Latvia.
Skoda Vagonka will involve local companies to commission the trains and will provide subsequent service and maintenance throughout the vehicle’s life cycle, which is at least 35 to 40 years.
The new electric trains will be designed for suburban transport for operation on lines with a 1520 mm gauge and supply voltage of 3 kV, with the possibility of future conversion to 25 kV. Vehicles must withstand climatic conditions ranging from -40°C to + 40°C.

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