Karlsruhe receives the last CityLink LRV

Karlsruhe has received from Stadler Valencia and Kiepe Electric the last CityLink NET 2012 tram-train, equipped with electrical and braking systems.
The new systems provide reliable operation, more passenger comfort and comfortable connections into the Karlsruhe region.
Since the first contract signed in 2011 with Stadler Valencia, 75 vehicles were delivered, which significantly improved the mobility of the citizens of Karlsruhe.
The new electronic equipment of the barrier-free Citylink LRVs has been adapted to the specific infrastructure of Karlsruhe and its region.
The LRVs are 37.2 metre long, having a capacity for 108 seats and 134 standing passengers.
As regards the design of the vehicle focus was on easy accessibility, high comfort and utmost safety.
The passengers can easily enter the passenger compartment at five broad double doors. The ample interior impresses with its modern and pure design as well as its multi-purpose areas for wheelchairs and prams.
Beside designing the vehicle Stadler Valencia has manufactured the bogies and the vehicle bodies and assembled the vehicles. Knorr-Bremse has delivered the braking systems for the vehicles and Kiepe Electric has equipped them with its reliable and innovative electrical technology. Thus, the company has provided the complete traction equipment, the vehicle control, the on-board power supply system, the HVAC systems for the passenger compartment and the driver’s cab, the command/control system, the passenger information system and the CCTV.
The new Citylink LRVs have been homologated according to the German Federal Regulations on the Construction and Operation of Tramways (BOStrab) for the operation in Karlsruhe and according to the German Regulations Governing the Construction and Operation of Railways (EBO) for the operation on the S1/S11 lines into the region. They also fulfil the requirements for the future operation in the new tramway tunnel in the city of Karlsruhe.
In 2011, Karlsruhe Transport (VBK) and Albtal Transport Company (AVG) ordered 25 LRVs from Kiepe – Stadler Rail consortium, valuated at EUR 75 million. In 2015, Karlsruhe exercised the initial option for 25 extra vehicles and in 2016, another option was exercised for further 25 LRVs bringing the total fleet to 75 vehicles.

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