Japan. High-speed trains overhead lines checked with Artificial Intelligence and lasers

The Japanese railways have prepared a revolutionary system for checking high-speed trains overhead lines. Artificial intelligence helps detect defects.

According to Japanese operator JR Central, the innovative system will be installed on the roofs of trains running at 285 km/h on the Tokaido-Shinkansen line.

Full deployment of the technology is expected after the introduction of mm frequency radio transmissions on the network in 2027 to transmit data on the condition of overhead wires and poles to maintenance centres.

Previously, their condition was checked by visual inspection during the day and diagnostic trains at night. The system developed by JR Central consists of two modules that include line cameras, laser scanners and near-infrared illumination. These cameras are expected to provide high-quality images at any time of day. Data collected by the devices will be analysed by artificial intelligence to detect faults.

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