Jakarta to build LRT with private funds

Jakarta goes private for LRT constructionAfter the Jakarta City Council rejected the city administration’s plan to fund the construction of an elevated light rapid transit (LRT) system, the city has turned to private developers to construct the system.
The private developers are those with buildings located on one of the seven corridors along the planned routes. The developers are Pakuwon Group, PT Summarecon Agung, PT Intiland Development, JI Expo, PT Duta Pertiwi, Mulia Group, PT BSD, Agung Podomoro Land, Panin Group and Lippo Group.
“We have asked private developers to help us construct infrastructure for the LRT system. In the first phase of construction, we will develop corridors one and seven out of the total seven planned corridors,” Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama told reporters in a press conference.
Ahok said that in the plan, the developers would be responsible for constructing the LRT infrastructure while city-owned enterprises would be responsible for procuring the trains and operating the system.
“We hope to start construction on the two corridors early [in 2016] and finish before the 2018 Asian Games,” Ahok said.
Separately, the governor’s assistant for transportation, industry and trade, Sutanto Soehodho, said that the LRT infrastructure would cost roughly Rp 500 billion (USD 40 million) per km. In total, the infrastructure for the two corridors would cost around Rp 25.8 trillion (USD 2 billion).
Sutanto said that the city administration would give the private developers until January 30, 2015 to affirm their commitment to help the city in developing the LRT infrastructure.
source: www.apt-newschannel.com Photo: www.thejakartapost.com

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