Innovating rail for people, planet and prosperity

International Railway Summit is a meeting of the world’s key rail sector buyers and carefully selected technical experts.

Buyers’ project requirements are matched with experts’ solutions, which leads to bespoke 30-minute one-to-one meetings during the International Railway Summit.

In addition, delegates also attend a conference programme given by key industry leaders and experts.

At the 11th International Railway Summit (IRS11), speakers from the global rail sector and beyond will debate the greatest challenge of our time – sustainability.

In the face of a growing climate emergency and a worldwide pandemic the summit programme will tackle the many aspects of social, environmental and economic sustainability (‘People, Planet and Prosperity’).

Amongst the topics to be debated will be clean energy and fuels, attracting public investment, green infrastructure, efficient asset management, and community engagement. Key national and international decision-makers will share their visions and debate which innovations and which ideas can create a better future.

The 11th edition of the summit will be held in Berlin on 15-17 February 2022.

Visit summit website for further details.

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