Iranian freight locomotive unveiled

Iranian freight locomotive The domestically manufactured Iranian freight locomotive (MAP30 locomotive) and the MP610 diesel engine were unveiled by Mapna Group during a ceremony attended by senior Iranian officials held on May 13, 2024 Alborz Province.

The ceremony was attended by the Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, Abbas Aliabadi, the President of Mapna Group, Mohammad Owliya, and Head of Iran Railways (RAI) Miad Salehi.

The state-of-the art technologies are “sources of pride” for the country and the “production of a 4,000-horsepower engine has been a long-standing goal for the country, which has now been achieved, and we will produce electric and hybrid locomotives,” the minister said.

The minister added that the country’s rail industry needs “substantial investment” with the government being committed to “bolster domestic production”, while “Mapna is expected to incorporate smart, electric, and hybrid locomotives in their future production plans.”

The locomotive, boasting a power of 4000 horsepower, is equipped with a range of key components, including a traction motor, compressor, blower, axles, electric motors, and radiators, all of which have been manufactured within Mapna Group subsidiary companies.

For the first time in the country, the design and construction of the locomotive diesel engine, locomotive generator, and locomotive AC control system have been accomplished as key subsystems of the locomotive. The locomotive is designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions.

The successful design of the heavy locomotive AC control system stands as a significant and strategic scientific and engineering achievement, made possible by the dedicated efforts of Mapna company specialists.

The Iranian freight locomotive is a project that “also signifies a major step towards reducing technical dependence on foreign companies in this field”, Mapna says. This will notably enhance the availability of locomotives in the country and optimise the efficiency of the country’s rail fleet.

Furthermore, the domestic construction of a 4000-horsepower diesel engine and generator positions Iran among the nations that have this technology.

“This product is a source of honor for the country’s transportation industry,” Mapna’s president said, which highlighted the pandemic challenges and geopolitical events on the supply of raw materials that faced numerous difficulties.

Mapna plans to more towards the electrification of rail transport in the future, the president of the company said at the ceremony.

The collaboration between the Mapna Group and Iran Railways has resulted in significant achievements in manufacturing wagons, locomotives, and other related products. In recent years, 69 locomotives have been added to the country’s rolling stock and another contract for the production of 50 locomotives is underway, with 30 units already delivered.

The Head of RAI said that the country needs special funds to develop its rail infrastructure and to meet transport demands. Parliament has allocated USD 833 million for the purchase of locomotives, the development of railway lines, and other needs for the railway complex this year. The needed investment is estimated at USD 2.3 billion.


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