Investors are interested in Omani Intermodal Dry Port project

APMT Port of Salalah OmanSouth Al Batinah Governorate has received a large number of expressions of interest for the intermodal dry port project which will be built at the South Al Batinah Logistics Area (SABLA), writes
This year the successful bidder will be awarded a license for the lease and operation of the facility.
The dry port will be a hub between road and rail, and will be around 120 hectares in size. With customs and other port facilities, goods will be able to clear into Oman from SABLA, having come from Sohar Port and overland from other countries that will be part of the GCC Railway Network. When the new railway is constructed in the coming years, the logistics hub will provide the facility for intermodal exchange between road and rail.

photo description: APMT Port of Salalah Oman

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