Investment plan announced in Hungary for railway development

Budapest’s Transport Minister János Lázár has announced what Hungary will do to develop its railways over the next ten years.

Hungary for railway developmentHungary’s Ministry of Construction and Transport will present a 10-year railway development programme to the government, which will include the renewal of railway lines and the purchase of new rolling stock, said János Lázár, Hungary’s Minister of Construction and Transport.

The minister said the aim of the programme is to modernise the ageing rail network and fleet step by step over 10 years, focusing on the important tasks. János Lázár said that the railways are the leading public transport provider in Hungary. In Budapest, the HÉV lines (peri-urban rail transport) must be modernised, both the track and the rolling stock, the rail links between the big cities and the lines passing through Hungary must be improved, as well as the lines connecting the county and county centres. Together with Volán (the Hungarian coach company), access to the rail link must be ensured, the minister said.

Hungary counting on EU funds

János Lázár stressed that this requires investment and a railway industry of its own rolling stock. This is an area worth investing in because it is about transporting five million people, and a new industry can be built, he said.

The politician said that there is currently no money in the budget for railway consolidation and development work. With European funds and money market instruments, the necessary sum could be raised, which could amount to 6 trillion forints (equivalent to €15.3 billion), but until then the aim is to ensure the daily operation of the system without accidents, the Hungarian Minister of Construction and Transport explained what Hungary will do to develop the railway.

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