Infrabel’s 2022 financial results: EUR 18.2 million loss

The Board of Directors of Belgium’s rail infrastructure manager approved Infrabel’s financial results for 2022 these days.

Infrabel's financial results for 2022Infrabel recorded a negative result, a loss of EUR 18.2 million (EBT cash), which is mainly due to increased wage costs and higher purchase prices (including energy) from suppliers, due to the strong inflation caused by the war in Ukraine.

A compensation from the federal state has allowed a relative financial balance to be maintained, says the press release on the subject posted on Infrabel’s website. It also states that without government support the situation could have been worrying, as Infrabel has few resources to cope with future unforeseen circumstances.

The compensation offered by the Government amounted to EUR 21 million. Without this, the EBT cash would have been minus EUR 39.2 million.

Decrease in the train-km indicator

In 2022, Infrabel’s customer rail, freight and passenger operators covered a total of 98.22 million train-km. Compared to 2021, this is a decrease of 0.2% and the indicator remains lower than before the health crisis (99.6 million train-km in 2019).

For national passenger traffic, the indicator decreased by 0.7% to 83.05 million train-km. In turn, the indicator for freight train journeys decreased by 8.6% to 11.07 million train-km.

On the other hand, international passenger traffic saw a considerable increase of 42.07% to 4.09 million train-km, but is still lower than in 2019 (0.48 million fewer train-km).

Last year, Ifrabel managed to achieve almost all of its investment programme. No less than EUR 1.116 billion was invested in rail infrastructure in Belgium, according to Infrabel’s financial results for 2022.

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