India could allow Talgo to organize trial runs of faster trains

indian_railways-pti-LThe government has given an in-principle approval for Talgo to undertake trial runs of its lighter and faster trains that could cut travel time between Mumbai and Delhi from 17 hours to 12 hours without overhauling India’s ageing rail tracks.
Talgo hopes to bring the trial train to India by October or early November. A formal approval is awaited to start the process for shipping the train from Spain to India. The company would bear the costs to bring the train from Spain with its technicians for the test runs.
“Of the 60,000 km of railway tracks in India, some would be upgraded, but most would remain as it is. That’s where we can make a difference, by increasing the speed of the train without changing the track infrastructure,” Talgo Chief executive officer Jose Maria Oriol said.

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