HŽ Infrastruktura signed two MoUs with Chinese companies

Croatian railway infrastructure manager, HŽ Infrastruktura, signed two MoUs with Chinese companies for railway projects.
The MoU signed with China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) envisages the Rijeka – Zagreb railway project, and under the agreement with China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREEC), the companies will jointly establish an intermodal transport corridor focusing on the Mediterranean Corridor.
Under the agreement with CRBC, the parties will establish a joint working group that will hold regular meetings within the next three years. Both sides agree on railway projects cooperation based on mutual benefit. HŽ Infrastruktura and China Road and Bridge Corporation reached a consensus on linking the Rijeka – Zagreb railway to the European network and establishing rail freight transport from and to Rijeka Port.
Currently, Port of Rijeka Authority and HŽ Infrastructure are carrying the reconstruction Rijeka-Brajdica railway station construction of an intermodal terminal. The terminal at Brajdica, worth more than EUR 30 million, is part of the total investment of as much as EUR 200 million currently taking place in the port, railway and road infrastructure in Rijeka. The project is worth EUR 35.5 million and 85% co-financed by the CEF. The works on the reconstruction of the Rijeka-Brajdica railway station and the construction of the intermodal terminal began in August 2018 and the project will end in December 2020 and will coincide with the completion of the other six infrastructure projects co-financed by the CEF program implemented by the Port Authority of Rijeka with its partners. The total value of all seven projects is EUR 132.8 million and their implementation is under way.
The MoU signed with CREEC envisages a five-year cooperation on the intermodal transport services, focusing on railway transport and the establishment of freight terminals and the modernisation of existing intermodal terminals on the Mediterranean Corridor. The aim is to establish a sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly intermodal transport corridor in Croatia, and to increase railway and seaports capacity at Split, Sibenik, Zadar and Rijeka ports. This MoU will contribute to the strengthening of Croatia’s connectivity.

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