Hungary orders rail grinder from Harsco

rail grinderHarsco Rail division and MÁV FKG Kft-t, the Hungarian railway infrastructure manager, signed a USD 10.3 million contract to provide an EU 20- stone rail grinder.

This is the first-ever grinder order by Hungarian Railways, which joins a long list of countries that have been using the efficient and reliable Harsco Rail grinders for years.

“This award demonstrates Hungarian Railways’ confidence in Harsco Rail as a valued partner capable of delivering class-leading performance with our innovative and technologically advanced products,” Harsco Rail President Jeswant Gill said.

The 20 stone rail grinder is one of the most technologically advanced grinders working today. It removes surface defects on rails and re-profiles the rail head on both rails. The machine is fully compliant with all European standards, it easily grinds mainline and switches without any modifications and sustainably operates with an environmentally-friendly stage V engine.

The grinder has a transversal and longitudinal rail profile measurement system and head checking measurement system installed.

Harsco grinder extends the track life with enhanced performance at a low overall cost. It can be built as a 10, 20, 30, or 40 stone machine.

The grinding heads maintain an operating range of 75 degrees gauge side to 45 degrees field side which allows them to grind a variety of rail angles. Individual head control further allows the operator to set each head at different power rates, achieving maximum grinding efficiency.

The machine has a maximum travel speed of 80 km/h with a maximum speed on 4% grade of 40 km/h. The 27.07 m grinder has a transport height of 3.80m and a working height of 3.72m. The grinding system is equipped with independent, hydraulically powered grinding units fitted with abrasive wheels.

The machine can effectively grind switches, guarded curves, and road crossings and is available in various gauges including an adjustable gauge version.


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