Hitachi completed the production of Vivalto cars for Trenitalia

Hitachi Rail Italy completed the production of the last Vivalto railcars manufactured for Trenitalia at the plant in Reggio Calabria, southern Italy.
The train, called “Vivalto” by Trenitalia, is a highly innovative double deck train characterized by comfort and user-friendliness. The 6-car consist, five trailer cars plus one motor car, has 725 seats and, considering also the space for standing passengers, has a total transport capacity of 1,300 passengers. The train, equipped with easy access for disabled passengers, can reach the max speed of 160 km/h.
Its high level of comfort and safety is connected to the maximum availability of the interior space, with large glass windows bestowing high visibility and clarity to the interior of the cars. The train is equipped with a last generation fire-fighting system as well as a video surveillance system for the real time visualization of images on the onboard monitors.
“With over 700 Vivalto cars purchased over the past few years, about 126 high-capacity trains, Trenitalia has made a decisive turning point in the modernization of its regional fleet. We are giving a determined acceleration to the tender for the 135 diesel fueled trains launched a few weeks ago, and with the framework agreement for the supply of 450 trains, 300 of them will be delivered by Hitachi Rail Italy staring from 2019,” Maurizio Manfellotto, CEO of Hitachi Rail Italy said.
The production of these trains involved all the Italian Hitachi Rail Italy plants. The plant in Naples was used for the manufacturing of the bogies of almost the entire fleet, the plants in Pistoia and Reggio Calabria for the mechanical work, the assembly and the interior fittings as well as tests and final testing with the customer.
The cars officially handed over to Trenitalia on July 11 are the last of the 280 manufactured in the Calabrian plant.
The CDPTR railcars – Carrozze Doppio Piano Traporto Regionale (double deck railcars for regional transport) are an important contract concerning the production of 706 cars (126 motor cars and 580 trailer cars) for Trenitalia. The 350 cars of the base contract signed in 2010 were followed by further 356 of three subsequent option contracts (in November 2013, March 2015 and November 2015) for a total amount of EUR 987 million.

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