Hanover-Würzburg high-speed line completely renovated

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has completed the modernisation of the Hanover-Würzburg high-speed line for 850 million euros. Trains can once again roll along the tracks at high speed and passengers can travel between Lower Saxony and Bavaria in around two hours.

DB has been bringing the line up to scratch in several stages since 2019. The teams from DB and commissioned construction companies have completely renewed a total of 557 km of tracks, 700,000 sleepers and 235 switches.

The specialists also repaired the superstructure on 49 bridges and in 63 tunnels. This year, additional subsurface stabilisation was also required in the Rauheberg tunnel. The tracks between Kassel and Fulda received their finishing touches from May 26 to June 7.

“Step by step, we are making the railway better: From today, trains are once again running continuously on the 327-kilometer high-speed line between Hanover and Würzburg. For the common good, we have invested EUR 850 million here in five years and taken a big step towards a strong railway in Germany. Our construction teams have completely renovated the entire line and parts of the Rauheberg tunnel. This enables greater reliability for passengers and freight traffic, not just on this section, but across the entire network”, said Philipp Nagl, CEO of DB InfraGO AG.

During the demanding construction work, the high-speed line was closed to train traffic in the relevant sections. This enabled efficient construction work to be carried out around the clock and large special machines such as the high-speed conversion train to be used.

During the construction period, passengers were offered a comprehensive range of diversions and alternative routes. DB had coordinated this with the railway companies and associations in advance.

Overview of the stages of the high-speed line modernisation

  • June to December 2019: Hanover–Göttingen section
  • April to October 2020: Modernization of the Mannheim–Stuttgart high-speed line
  • April to July 2021: Göttingen–Kassel section
  • June to December 2022: Fulda–Würzburg section
  • April to December 2023: Kassel–Fulda section
  • December 2023 to May: Stabilisation work in the Rauheberg tunnel (Göttingen–Kassel section)
  • May to 7 June: Rail grinding and tamping work on the Kassel–Fulda section

The next extensive modernisation will take place between Frankfurt and Mannheim from July 15. As part of the general renovation of the Riedbahn, DB will then bundle all repair work on the route, technology and stations over the coming years into a five-month closure period.

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