GySEV starts tender for new EMUs

InterCity EMUs The Hungarian rail operator Györ-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railway (GySEV) launched a public procurement procedure to purchase nine dual-voltage InterCity EMUs including an option for further 4 vehicles which can be ordered individually or all at the same time. The number of additional vehicles was determined considering the performance defined by the 10-year public service contract to be signed in 2023.

The bids must be submitted until November 21 and the duration of the contract is 46 months.

The vehicles will provide more space than the currently used trains with more comfortable and larger seats designed for long-distance transport. The new electric multiple units will have a capacity of 32 first-class and 216 second-class seats and will also provide a self-service buffet area on the motor trains, in which food and drink vending machines will be installed. They will be capable to run at 160 km/h.

The new trains will be equipped with air conditioning system, Wi-Fi, power socket and USB connector and well as passenger information system.

“The Ministry for Technology and Industry is determined to have new, high-quality vehicles running throughout the country. GYSEV is once again at the forefront of development bringing the novelty in our country with the new low-floor InterCity trains EMUs,” Dávid Vitézy, State Secretary for Transport said.

The trains provide 18 spaces for bicycles, two wheelchair seats and one toilet for passengers with reduced mobility.

“We are proud that on GYSEV’s electrified lines, we only transport passengers with modern electric trains. Our experiences are extremely favorable both in terms of operation and passenger comfort. That is why we decided to buy new InterCity EMUs. The public procurement procedure just announced is conditional, as we do not yet have funds, but we are determined to develop our IC vehicle fleet. We would like to attract EU funds, or we would buy the new trains under a credit scheme,” Szilárd Kövesdi, the CEO of GYSEV Zrt said.

The new InterCity EMUs will enter services on the Szombathely – Budapest and Sopron – Budapest routes significantly improve the comfort of passengers. The company says that it is possible to use the new trains on international connections as the tender requires that the new vehicles must have a license from the railway authorities to travel in Hungary and Austria.


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