Governments agree on Western Sydney Airport rail link

The Australian and New South Wales governments have jointly committed to the first stage of the rail link via the future airport – Western Sydney Airport. For the implementation of the project, the two governments agreed to involve as equal partners, each contributing 50 per cent of the funding.
Under the agreement, both governments will each commit AUD 50 million (USD 38.8 million) for a business case on the full North South rail line to finalise a route and station locations, building on the evidence base of the joint Rail Needs Scoping Study, released on March 4. A market sounding process will test private sector interest in station developments and explore innovative financing solutions.
The North South Rail Link will run from St Marys to Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis via Western Sydney Airport, adding rail capacity that will improve access to employment, education and services, including at the new Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis.
The new airport is set to be opened in 2026, when its rail link will also be put into commercial operation.
The completed-scoping study on Western Sydney Airport identifies that the North-South Link and East-West Link offer the greatest potential to serve Western Sydney Airport and shape future development in Western Sydney.
The total value of the project is estimated at USD 7 billion. The North-South Link would represent a major investment in enhancing cross-regional rail capacity in Western Sydney.
The new line will be connected to the Sydney Metro Northwest (at Schofields) providing an important link from the west and northwest of Sydney to employment centres north of Greater Sydney.

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