GFR launched a new innovative application

Trasa Expert applicationGrup Feroviar Român (GFR) has developed and implemented Trasa Expert application, an information system aimed at improving the design of ideal train paths and the capacity allocated to freight trains. The innovative system is now accessible to users.

The design of the ideal train paths is based on calculations and technological needs, and the accuracy of these calculations is essential for an efficient and predictable freight transport.

Trasa Expert extends the benefits of the ETA Expert application, which provides real time estimations of trains’ arrival at destination and can be a useful tool for both transport operators and CFR SA, the Romanian railway infrastructure manager and timetable traffic architect.

“We have extended the GFR fully-developed portfolio of digital services with a tool that can restore the authority of the timetable, considering that rail freight transport in Romania today is often subject to chance. Once again, GFR proves to be an open partner for dialogue, seeking and proposing concrete solutions aimed at improving the quality of services provided by the railway transport system to society,” Amedeo Neculcea, the Deputy General Manager of GFR said.

Trasa Expert is a complex diagnostic system using railway traffic information spanning over the past 3 years to generate statistical mathematical-based solutions, as well as eloquent synthetic representations of planned and real train traffic, respectively.

The innovative system was developed by the digital arm of GFR and the Institute of Computing Technology (Institutul de Tehnică de Calcul – ITC), a member company of the Grampet Group.

“As a regional leader, GFR plays a key role for Romania’s positioning within the European industry. We have been investing in innovation since 2005, constantly looking for solutions that may generate higher performance and competitiveness for all operators. Our hope is to start looking at the big picture and begin working together, as a national industry, in light of the challenges, but also the opportunities foreseen for rail freight,” Gruia Stoica, the President of the Grampet Group – Grup Feroviar Român said.

GFR constantly dedicates human and financial resources for innovation and technology projects, seeking to provide clients with a customized experience aligned to market requirements, through integrated and easy-to-use platforms.

So far, the operator has developed and implemented over 20 digital solutions aimed at simplifying and streamlining operational and commercial activities, including the Electronic Consignment Note, which provides access to commercial and technical data on loading wagons and assistance in drawing up transport contracts (2017) and Railway Orders (2012), which ensures customers’ web access to the process of ordering and insuring empty wagons.



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