Georgian Railway: income from freight transportation is increased by 6,9%

According to operational data for 8 months of the year 2014, the income of JSC “Georgian Railway” made 335,1 million GEL (EUR 152M) which is by 9,3% (28,6 million GEL-EUR 13M) more than the index for the similar period of 2013.
The income from freight transportation is increased by 6,9% (16,3 million GEL-EUR 7.4) and made 251,2 million GEL (EUR 113M), that is conditioned by the significant growth of income gained from transportation of dry freight and oil products, in particular the income gained from transportations of ferrous metal and waste materials, sugar, industrial raw materials and grain freights has been significantly increased. Also, there is a growing dynamics in grain, cement and construction freights, as in the relation with the similar period of the last year as well within the year 2014. Income gained from other cargo operations made 70,6 million GEL (EUR 32M) that is that is by 18,7% more than an index of the similar period of year 2013.


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