Frankfurt Airport APM system operating contract extended

Frankfurt Airport APM system Bombardier will continue to operate and maintain Frankfurt Airport APM system under a 10-year contract signed with Fraport AG which also includes the modernisation of the signalling system with the CityFlo 650 solution.

EUR 103 million is the value of the contract which also includes an option for a further five years of operation and maintenance of the system.

This contract continues more than 25 years of cooperation with Fraport and the successful transport of millions of passengers and with a reliability of almost 100 per cent.

“Our team is doing a great job to ensure that millions of travellers and guests arrive safely, comfortably and with almost 100 percent reliability at their destinations in the terminals around the clock. Modernizing the fully automated passenger transport system will extend the life cycle of the entire facility as well as its operation and maintenance by at least ten years,” said Michael Fohrer, Head of Bombardier Transportation Germany.

Fraport’s fleet of 18 Innovia vehicles transport around 35 thousand passengers each day, on the 3.8 km route between departure terminals. During peak times, the trains depart every 90 seconds with each wagon carrying up to 60 passengers and their luggage.

Since 1994, Germany’s first elevated passenger transport system called the SkyLine, has connected Airport’s Terminals 1 and 2. The transport system is carrying 12 million passengers per year. The system is using the CityFlo 550 sinalling system which will be upgraded with the new version.

In 2023, Frankfurt Airport will open the new terminal – Terminal 3 and is implementing a new people mover system that will let passengers transfer smoothly and quickly between Terminal 3 and the two existing terminals. It will take about 8 minutes for travelers to get from the long-distance or regional train station to Terminal 3. The trains will run at speeds of 80 km/h on the 5.6 km line between south and north of the airport.

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