First two new LRVs delivered to Krakow

Lajkonik II trams The first two three-section Lajkonik II trams have been delivered to Krakow by Stadler Polska and Solaris Bus & Coach under a contract for the supply of 60 Tango LRVs worth PLN 619 million (EUR 131 million).

Before the delivery to the Podgórze and Nowa Huta tram depots, the light rail vehicles underwent examinations and tests obtain the operation approval. The tests included the drive and braking systems as well as electrical systems and other elements essential for the proper operation and safety of passengers.

Starting August 29, 2022, the new trams will run on the Line 10 connecting the Pleszów terminus in Nowa Huta with Kurdwanow.

The new three-section LRVs have four bogies specially designed to reduce wheel and track wear, and the vibrations emitted during the journey, which affects the comfort of traveling. The LRVs have larger doors than the standard width (1400 mm) to ensure a quick exchange of passengers. The special design of the front end of the vehicle will reduce the risk of a pedestrian being drawn under the vehicle in the event of an accident. The new 33.4 metre-long trams will have more space for passenger and wheelchairs compared to previously ordered trams.

A novelty will also be special backrests installed for standing people. The trams will carry 238 passengers at the same time, including 75 seated passengers. They will be equipped with, among others, air conditioning, LED lighting ticket machine, passenger information system, monitoring system and USB ports for charging smartphones.

An ergonomic cabin and a comfortable seat will provide the driver with comfortable working conditions.

Two out of the 60 new Tango trams will be adapted to operate without power supply from the catenary which allows them to run a distance of 3 km without external supply. These two delivered trams are the first in Poland to be equipped with an innovative system that allows driving with the pantograph lowered, without using the catenary. The remaining 58 trams will be designed to be able to use this solution in the future.

The new Lajkonik II trams will replace the existing high-floor LRVs improving the

the comfort of travel for both passengers and drivers while providing accessibility to the passenger with reduced mobility being equipped with platforms that facilitate boarding and getting out to wheelchair users.



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