First tracks laid on Yanchep rail extension project

Yanchep rail extensionThe first 2.7 km of the 14.5 km Yanchep rail extension project has been laid within the Ningana Bushland area, which is located between the future Eglinton and Yanchep stations.

Structural steel framework is well underway across the three new stations of Alkimos, Eglinton and Yanchep, and four escalators were recently installed at Alkimos which will connect the platform and concourse levels. The project also includes three green bridges that are set to provide safe crossing for fauna in Yanchep.
Yanchep rail extension is one of the several projects implemented under Perth’s Metronet vision, the largest public transport investment in the capital of Western Australia.

The Yanchep rail extension will deliver the last proposed section of the Joondalup Line from Butler, 14.5 km north to Yanchep to help support ongoing growth in the area and reduce congestion, while supporting about 1,370 jobs.

The project will help develop activity centres by stimulating new employment opportunities in the Alkimos Secondary Centre, Eglinton District Centre and Yanchep Strategic Metropolitan Centre and supporting higher density land use for residential and commercial purposes.

The extension will give more than 150,000 future Yanchep–Two Rocks residents another transport option to travel around Perth.

Metronet covers the construction of 72 km of new rail links and 23 stations in the city’s metropolitan area providing better connected communities and businesses and greater access to jobs. The programme also includes local manufacturing activities to deliver the C-series railcars with the first train expected to enter operation by the end of this year. When they begin operating, the C-series will run along Joondalup and Mandurah lines and then further north along the Yanchep rail extension once complete, which is due for completion at the end of 2023, with services commencing in the new year.

In April, it was announced the beginning of tracklaying on the 21.3 km Morley – Ellenbrook railway line which is built in Perth’s north-eastern suburbs will provide more transport choice.

On May 11, the Western Australian Government the state budget to support the implementation of Metronet programme. The budget includes AUD 5.9 billion (USD 3.9 billion) for the entire project, including delivery, and investments in 2023-24 of the AUD 2 billion (USD 1.3 billion). The budget until 2024 will support six projects including AUD 620 million (USD 413.8 million) for Morley – Ellenbrook Line, AUD 318 million (USD 212.2 million) for Yanchep rail extension, AUD 333 million (USD 222.2 million) for Byford rail extension, AUD 222 million (USD 148 million) for Thornlie – Cockburn Link, AUD 467 million (USD 311.6 million) for Victoria Park – Canning level crossing removal and AUD 83 million (USD 55.4 million) for New Bayswater station.



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