Extension of Rabat tram Line 2 begins service this February

The current 2.4 kilometers-long extension of Line 2 in Rabat serving the Yacoub Al Mansour neighborhood will begin service in February. The extension will allow the tramway to carry an additional 40,000 passengers per day, bringing the passenger capacity up to 150,000 per day.
The extension works of Line 2, which costs MAD 1.7 billion (USD 178 million), is 90 percent complete in Rabat and 40 percent in Sale, Tramway Company of Rabat-Sale (STRS) President, Said Zarrou, told local media.
Two tram lines, Line 1 and 2, currently connect the sister cities of Rabat and Sale.
The current 2.4 kilometers-long extension of Line 2 in Rabat will add 4 stations serving the 135,000 inhabitants of the Yacoub Al Mansour neighborhood. The four new stops on the line in Rabat will link the Moulay Youssef Hospital terminus to Alkifah Avenue, through Essalam Avenue.
As part of the extension, said Zarrou, three green spaces will be created in the Yacoub Al Mansour neighborhood and local parks will be developed. The new stops are expected to begin service in February.
The current extension works of Line 2 in Sale are expected to be completed in July. The 4.6-kilometer-long extension will add 8 stations serving the 265,000-habitant neighborhoods of Moulay Ismail and Al Quaria.
At the beginning of January, local authorities approved a new Rabat Tramway extension project to Temara, 15 kilometers south of Rabat, and to Sale Al Jadida, 10 kilometers east of Rabat. The extension will cost MAD 4.5 billion (USD 471.67 million). The central government and local authorities will contribute 50 percent of the total budget.

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