EUR 6.2 billion funding under the second CEF2 call

European transport projects107 new European transport projects have been selected for a EUR 6.2 billion CEF financing of which 82% concerns infrastructure projects. In addition to developing a more efficient, greener, and smarter network of railways, inland waterways and maritime infrastructure within the EU, such support will also enhance the cross-border connections with Ukraine and Moldova along the Solidarity Lanes.

The projects across Europe “will take us closer to completing the Trans-European Network for Transport, TEN-T, the backbone of the EU’s economy. I am particularly happy that EUR 250 million will improve cross-border connections between Ukraine, Moldova, and their EU neighbours Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. These projects will make transporting goods between the EU and Ukraine easier, reinforcing the Solidarity Lanes,” EU Commissioner for Transport Adina-Ioana Vălean said.

Under the on plan for the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes, through the CEF, have been selected nine projects, for a total EU support of almost EUR 250 million, to upgrade the cross-border connections between neighbouring EU Member States (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania) and Ukraine/Moldova.

Important cross-border rail connections of the TEN-T core network will also be supported, like the Brenner Base tunnel, Rail Baltica, and the cross-border section between Germany and Switzerland (Karlsruhe – Basel connection) and between Germany and The Netherlands (Emmerich – Oberhausen).

In addition, EUR 172.9 million is the funding provided to seven ERTMS selected projects covering rolling stock retrofitting and trackside deployment. The ERTMS will be deployed on trains and railway lines of the TEN-T network in Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The all-selected European transport projects lie on the TEN-T, the system of roads, railways, inland waterways, short-sea shipping routes, ports and airports that links the EU’s Member States and beyond. The Commission’s objective is to complete the TEN-T core network by 2030 and the comprehensive network by 2050, while also ensuring that its infrastructure helps the EU deliver its climate objectives, as set out in the European Green Deal.

“With these new 107 selected projects, spanning various transport modes, we reach almost EUR 29.4 billion of EU support invested since 2014 in projects implementing the EU Green Deal. The selected projects will deliver results contributing to shape a carbon-neutral continent,” Acting Director of the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) Paloma Aba Garrote said.

In total, 353 applications were submitted under the CEF Transport calls that closed on 18 January 2023. Following the evaluation, 107 proposals were selected and retained for CEF funding, amounting to around EUR 6.2 billion (the overall requested funding was EUR 16.33 billion).

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