EUR 535 million contract signed for Fehmarnbelt tunnel

Fehmarnbelt tunnelFemern A/S and Sice-Cobra consortium signed a contract to equip the Fehmarnbelt tunnel with electromechanical installations. DKK 4 billion (EUR 535 million) is the value of the contract which covers ventilation, lighting and safety systems for the 18 km tunnel between Denmark and Germany. The contract also includes the maintenance for the electromechanical systems into the five tubes of the tunnel – two for highway road, two for high-speed rail, and one for service gallery – over the next six years.

The Sice-Cobra consortium comprises companies from Spain, USA, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia:

  • Sociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas, (SICE), Spain
  • SICE Tecnología y Sistemas, Spain
  • Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios, Spain
  • Moncobra, Spain

The supporting entities are represented by Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios Internacional (Spain) and Sice (from the USA, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia).

As with the other major contracts on the Fehmarnbelt project, the consortium is expected to use a large number of sub-contractors. The consortium is also required to take on apprentices.

The contract puts special emphasis on energy-efficient solutions and installations adapted to the green technologies of the future. Cobra, a subsidiary of Vinci, proposed energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions, which will notably enable the tunnel operations to run with 100% renewable energy.

“We have formally entered into the important contract for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel installations. The contract is crucial for us to be able to deliver the finished tunnel, powered by sustainable energy and with energy-efficient installations, by 2029. Sice-Cobra brings substantial international experience and expertise from other construction projects, and we look forward to working with the consortium to find the best possible solutions,” Henrik Vincentsen, the CEO of Femern A/S said.

The Femern, the longest road and rail immersed tunnel in the world, is being built 40 meters below the surface of the Baltic Sea. The construction started in January 2021 in Denmark and in Germany, in December 2021. After its commissioning in 2029, it will link the two countries in 7 minutes by train and 10 minutes by car.

In addition, Vinci Construction and its partners have been awarded the main civil works design and build contract of the Femern tunnel. In this context, the precast factory construction that will produce the immersed segments of the tunnel is currently in progress.


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