Embedded electronic systems from CENTRALP

With 45 years of experience, CENTRALP designs, integrates and manufactures embedded electronic solutions and software solutions around the world. The company is actively involved in R&D projects, bringing global and innovative solutions to the embedded systems market.

CENTRALP concentrates its skills to realize clients’ projects in embedded electronics and software, offering deployment of electronic systems, embedded software development, mechanical integration, wiring of electronic boards, integration of network elements in boxes, environmental tests and trials.
Beside the railway and public transport sectors, the company’s solutions are used in energy aeronautics, defense, public works.
Leader of embedded electronic systems and software, CENTRALP is involved in most major rail programs across the 5 continents.
Mixing customized developments and existing functions with 45 years of experience in the railway embedded systems, CENTRALP provides solutions for:
• Visualization and control (No SIL to SIL 3)
• Information management
• Data transmission and recording
• Access control

In TCMS, ERTMS/signalization, CBTC, CCTV and maintenance systems.

Safe, Reliable and Sustainable – the product commitments of CENTRALP’s teams
From the conception to the maintenance, CENTRALP manages all steps of the development and the production to meet and exceed the highest market standards while adapting to each customer/project’s constraints:
• HMI / DMI / TOD / Display
• CPU boards
• Calculators
• External and internal Gateways
• Badge readers
• Event recorders

CENTRALP is a member of UNIFE.

e-Vision SIL2

CENTRALP develops its products to meet and anticipate the growing safety requirements of the signalization market.

CENTRALP, in collaboration with CLEARSY, expert in safety systems, launches an ETCS baseline 3 DMI meeting the SIL2 requirements of the subset 091 – ERA 3.2. It will be previewed at the ERTMS fair in Milan, on 26 – 28 March at the UIC conference on the evolution of ERTMS.
Available in 10.4’’ and double 8’’, company’s e-Vision+ SIL2 DMI enables the driver to manage ETCS functions, interacting with the train EVC. In the double 8’’ case, during an incident or a failure of a screen, the second one instantly takes care of the entire display without degradation of critical features so that the train can continue to drive in safety.

In this cooperation, CENTRALP ensures the design and manufacture of the equipment and CLEARSY, with its experience in safety, realizes the software security by developing a modern, simple, modular and perfectly safe architecture.

The e-Vision SIL2 project is available in two hardware platforms:
– 1 x 10.4 inches screen
– 2 x 8 inches screens
These platforms will be provided either with a safety framework allowing the integration of the client’s business application or with the ETCS Baseline 3 application developed by CENTRALP and CLEARSY.

Technical features
E-Vision SIL2 is a HMI platform in 8″, 10″ or 12″, with
or without redundancy, which provides SIL2 functions on user interfaces as touch screen and display. It is available with an ETCS baseline 3 DMI application v3.4.0 or as a generic platform for your application.

e-Vision platform characteristics
Multiple screen: 8.4”, 10.4”, 12” sizes with the same architecture
Display resolution: 640 x 480 with a luminance of 1 500 cd/m2, or upon request 800 x 600
CPU cortex A9 iMX6 800 MHz dul core (quad core upon request)
Memory: 2 Gb DDR3, eMMC 8Gb
Capacitive touchscreen or soft keys
Signaling LEDs
Light sensor
1x Audio output 10W

2 x Ethernet 100baseT
MVB or Profibus
1 x RS 232/422/485, isolated 1500 Vdc
2 x USB

Dimensions of the 10.4’’
Front panel dimensions: 214 x 300 x 8 mm
Rear panel dimensions: 202 x 270 x 58 mm
3 kg

Power Supply characteristics
Nominal supply voltage: 24 Vdc to 110 Vdc
Nominal power: 25 Watts over Vbat
Inrush current (25°C): <10A max

Software technology
OS: Linux with Yocto BSP
Programming language: C and C++
OpenGL graphic rendering

Generic SIL2-DMI product
Compliant with a SIL2 safety level on display and inputs (SUBSET091)
Provides safety layer for a SIL2 environment
Developpeds according to CENELEC 50126, 128, 129 standards
Developped with an open and modern architecture to ease further updates/upgrades
SIL0 and SIL2 segregation to allow SIL0 COTS applications

Highly configurable software
Speed dial range

Innovative SIL2 Linux based console
Cost effective development on Linux environment
Custom SIL2 safety layer over Linux Kernel
Provides SIL2 Guarantees against:
– Corruption of the applicative program
– Memory corruption
– Clock drift
– Corruption by a Linux kernel fault

Generic SIL2 Platform protection:
Flexible SIL2 display control:
– Definable safety-critical display area with predefined image checking
– Safety-critical display of safe widget (speedo)
– Change non-safety related area without new certification
Safe touchscreen or softkey input
Safe generic container for application data & state
Protected against: RAM fault, SIL0 fault and OS fault

Baseline 3 ETCS DMI
– Available 10.4” display – compliant to ERA Baseline3
– Customizable to given EVC/DMI interface
– Easy configurable Double 8’’ DMI
– High-availability with fallback mode to keep train running in case of one of the two display failure
– Compliant to ERA Baseline 3 in standard mode with 2 x 8” surface

Multi-platform system
System development compatible with different screen sizes and interfaces
You can use the same software on the different e-Vision platforms

e-Vision SIL2 is compliant with
UIC612 front panel
EN50155 TX classification
EN45545 HL3

MTBF 150 000h (IEC 62380)
Life time 15 years


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