EIB evaluates Latvia’s electrification project

The European Investment Bank is evaluating Latvia’s first electrification phase in 25kV 50 Hz which includes the sections between Riga and Krustpils, Krustpils and Daugavpils and, Krustpils and Rezekne. The total length of the railway lines which are scheduled for electrification works is around 300 km.
According to Transport Ministry’s report, reviewed by Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers in December 2017, for the financing of this phase of the electrification, Cohesion Fund will be used, with the co-financing of Latvian Railways. EUR 519 million was the initial cost, but LDz managed to reduce the total expenses to EUR 441 million.
The National Development Plan says that 840 km of railway lines will be electrified, with a needed EUR 1.3 billion investment, of which EUR 347 million are covered by the European cohesion funds.
Latvia intends to implement the electrification plan under three phases. The first one will be launched next year and is should be completed by 2023, with the second phase to be finalised in 2025 and the last one, in 2030.

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