E-P Rail to install IoT sensors on its fleet

IoT sensors

Swiss IoT company Nexxiot and the Romanian railway undertaking E-P Rail signed a contract to deliver and install IoT sensors on its entire fleet, promoting the TradeTech concept.

The agreement will lead the digital transformation of the rail freight transport and will also deliver new and innovative services for E-P Rail’s customers.

Under the contract, the equipment of the entire E-P Rail freight car fleet with IoT sensors, will begin in the coming months.

Nexxiot will deliver about 1100 gateway devices, called Globehoppers, to the Romanian company in the coming months to digitize the entire wagon fleet. In addition to Globehoppers, E-P Rail benefits from the Nexxiot software which cleans and analyses the data. The dedicated logistics cloud processes the Big Data collected using machine learning and algorithms. For E-P Rail, this enables improvements to operational performance and creates new services which are valued by customers because it makes their supply chain more transparent, agile and predictable. New cargo services for end customer will come online in the coming year.

The contract will enable global asset and cargo transparency and open the door for the development of new, disruptive business models. With this new partnership, Nexxiot is significantly expanding its activities in Eastern Europe.

E-P Rail is currently among the largest eight rail private companies in Romania, knowing the challenges of the market and the needs of its customers. That is why the company is focused on developing cutting-edge technology to drive its business forward and meet major challenges with the latest data-driven tools.

Working closely with other large rail operators and lessors, E-P Rail is focusing on value creation and digital services for its own customers. It has also already developed own mobile phone apps for management of critical processes and to create transparency around operations. The Nexxiot solution now adds the next level of data for digitizing processes.

The two companies are driving forward the idea of ‘TradeTech’, which reimagines the capabilities of global supply chains through digitalisation.


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