Dutch HSR network needs improvements

According to a recent report drawn up for rail companies NS and Prorail, the current high-speed rail infrastructure in the Netherlands needs an overhaul to make sure performance is not affected when more trains are using the tracks. The report further states that only ‘far reaching changes to the track’ will make sure that high speed services offer the same reliability as ordinary trains. NS and Prorail need to develop a long-term vision for high speed services, the report added. In the meantime, passengers must accept that cancellations and delays are inevitable. According to experts, the investment needed for the overhaul could be as much as EUR 700 million.
NS and Prorail are concerned that the performance of high speed trains will come under pressure when services are increased in April. From 4 April, there will be two Eurostar services between London and Amsterdam and from 9 April, new services from Amsterdam and the Hague to Brussels. In total, 246 trains a day will then use the Dutch high speed network.

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