DuoTrack® Cable : One cable – two media – all services

The DuoTrack® cable is a Nexans development, with an optical fiber and a copper cable firmly but separably interlinked. This enables both cables to be laid in one step and individual treatment at branching positions.

This composite cable construction allows for both components to be installed in one operation and then individually used, depending on the specific requests of the copper application(railway signaling, axle counting, feeding, etc.), respectively applications specific to the optical fibers component (GSM-R, long distance telecommunication, internal services).

From a constructive point of view, DuoTrack® cable offers sufficient flexibility for all applications.

The maximum diameter and maximum number of conductors, respectively the maximum number of optical fibers, are as follows:

The DuoTrack®  cable is tested and approved for the parallel operation of security, control services and LV power feeding through the copper cable, as well as electronic interlock bus, GSM-R and general carrier services through the optical fiber cable.
The DuoTrack®  cable features rodent protection by means of corrugated steel tape (copper cable) and a stainless steel tube (optical fibre cable).

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