DB and Rail.One open a new turnout bearer plant

Deutsche Bahn and Rail.One open a new plant for the production of prestressed concrete turnout sleepers in Schwandorf in southern Germany. It is expected that the new plant will have an annual capacity of up to 180,000 linear metres of prestressed concrete turnout sleepers for Germany.
The turnout sleeper plant has a surface are of 16,000 m², with 21 workplaces and a storage capacity for up to 20,000 linear metres of concrete turnout sleepers. The production process will be performed by an automated carousel system with end anchoring technology.
“One reason for choosing this location is the previous distribution of plants for the production of concrete turnout sleepers in Germany. This location is now the most southern and will primarily supply the regional divisions South and Southeast of DB Netz AG,” said Klaus-Dieter Josel, DB’s Group Representative for the Free State of Bavaria.
In the next 15 years, the production plant will be operated by Rail.One Schwandorf GmbH, a subsidiary of the international PCM Rail.One Group, which in October 2017 won the tender for the for the planning, construction and operation of the new plant.
“We are proud to be able to supply our most important customer Deutsche Bahn with even higher quality products from the most modern production plant in the entire Group,” Ludwig Friedl, CTO of Rail.One, said.
Before the start of serial production in November, an extensive trial run will be carried out to obtain approval from the Federal Railway Authority and the DB AG Quality Inspection Service.
The proximity to DB’s turnout plant will allow joint delivery of turnout bearers and components in the future, which will significantly improve logistics for supplying track construction sites.

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