CRRC unveils the first train for Bishan-Tongliang Line of Chongqing Urban Rail Express

Chinese manufacturer CRRC unveiled the first train for Bishan-Tongliang Line of Chongqing Urban Rail Express.

Adopting high-strength, high-rigidity and light-weight aluminium alloy body, the train has a capacity for 420 people.

The maximum operating speed is 160 km/h, with an operational speed of 120 km/h.

The train has a permanent magnet motor traction system required for the start, stop and rescue conditions on the largest slope of 50‰ in the mountainous city of Chongqing.

“The blue hue painting looks gorgeous and steady, symbolizing the unique convergence of two rivers in Chongqing. The open design of the driver’s cabin makes it an integral part of the passenger compartment, and the car is spacious and bright with detachable transparent partition. The train caters for both manual driving and autonomous driving and will become a beautiful new scene of Chongqing’s rail transit”, said CRRC in a press statement.

Bishan-Tongliang Line is a suburban rail line connecting the eastern and western metropolitan circles of Chongqing, and is 37.5 km in length.

Along the Bishan-Tongliang line, the Bishan section has Bishan Station, Daishan Station, Hebian Station, Qinglonghu Station, and Dalu Station; the Tongliang section has Pulv Station, Tongliang Xincheng Station, and Tongliang Station.

The line is intended as a demonstration for the integration of high-speed train, suburban rail and metro line services.

The stakeholders hope that the completion of the first train will drive the construction of the dual-city economic circle in the Chengdu and Chongqing areas.

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