CPK signs second contract for Łódź tunnel

Łódź HSR tunnel CPK has signed the second of three construction contracts for the 4-km Łódź HSR tunnel which is the key component of the “Y” route designed to connect Warsaw with Łódź, Poznań and Wrocław.

This EUR 34 million contract has been awarded to Budimex which will be responsible for the construction of the chambers for tunnel boring machine with a shield skin (TBM), launched (at Retkinia) and receiving (near the Łódź Cultural Centre – ŁDK). The contractor’s tasks include the development of design plans and specifications as well as the construction of the launching and receiving chambers (named after their location: Retkinia and Fabryczna). The scope of the contract also includes ensuring proper traffic organisation and restoration works. The construction time for the Retkinia chamber is 10 months while for the Fabryczna chamber it is about 13 months, from the completing work on strengthening the foundations of ŁDK.

The Retkinia chamber, designed at the south-western end of the tunnel, is intended to serve as a launching shaft for the TBM (tunnel boring machine with shield skin). Ultimately, it is going to be a technical facility that accommodates an evacuation area, technical rooms and evacuation staircases. Fabryczna is going to be a disassembling shaft for the TBM and a turnout chamber.

The construction of the CPK long-distance tunnel in Łódź has been divided into three parts. The first one, which begins in September this year, includes work aimed at strengthening the foundations of the Łódź Cultural Centre (ŁDK). This investment is being carried out by Keller Polska. The route lies directly under ŁDK – on the western side of the Łódź Fabryczna railway station – where the HSR tunnel will begin. The third stage of the investment is the drilling of the CPK railway tunnel.

CPK plans to complete the construction of the Łódź HSR tunnel simultaneously with the launch of the first stage of the CPK airport.

“CPK is not only about the planned airport, but also about the much-needed new railway lines in Poland. About 450 km of lines are already in an advanced design stage, including the railway sections between Warsaw and Łódź as well as Łódź and Wrocław. The long-distance tunnel in Łódź is our most advanced railway investment in terms of preparations,” Radosław Kantak, Member of the CPK Management Board for Railway Investments said.

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