Controversial Warsaw tender concluded. Hyundai Rotem, selected to deliver the 213 new trams

After long discussions and, especially, cancellations and resumptions of the same tender, Tramwaje Warszawskie has decided to select Hyundai Rotem to deliver the 213 new low-floor trams.
Hyundai Rotem’s offer, worth PLN 1.85 billion (around EUR 430 million), has topped the bid of Polish rolling stock manufacturer, Pesa, which submitted a higher bid that exceeded Tramwaje Warszawskie’s budget for the project.
The South-Koreans have also topped the offer of Stadler-Solaris consortium which has not managed to meet all the requirements of Warsaw public transport authority.
The procurement of the 213 new trams is co-financed with European funds. The initial order envisages the delivery of 85 bi-directional trams and 18 unidirectional trams, each 33-m long, as well as 20 unidirectional trams measuring 24 m. The authority can exercise an option to order another 45 bi-directional trams and 45 unidirectional trams, also 33-m long each.
The delivery of the trams within the initial order should occur 22 months after signing the contract and will end in October 2022, according to requirements.

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