Container train route launched between China and Kazakhstan

China-Kazakhstan_tren de marfaOn February 26 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), the Kazakh national railway company, launched a regular container train from Lianyungang (China) to Almaty (Kazakhstan).
“The transport and logistics terminal [in Lianyungang] is aimed at increasing the export-import and transit potential of Kazakhstan’s railway transport, providing for the shortest way to Asian-Pacific and Southeast Asian countries, and developing freight transit from those countries through Kazakhstan to Central Asia, Persian Gulf countries, Russia, the Caucasus, and Europe,” the Kazakh railway company said. Two trains will depart each week, passing through Khorgos in Xinjiang, said Liu Bin, general manager of China-Kazakhstan logistics international. Lianyungang is a prefecture-level city in northeastern Jiangsu province of China. Lianyungang is the eastern end of the Longhai Railway, connecting it with Lanzhou in central China. It is now the eastern terminus of the New Eurasian Land Bridge and the proposed Northern East West Freight Corridor.

Regular cargo train services linking China and other countries are already in operation. Last November, a cargo train service linked the eastern city of Yiwu, the world’s largest wholesale market for small consumer goods, with Madrid in Spain.


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