Consultancy contract awarded for a LRT linking Bogotá área

The Ardanuy Ingenieria-led FGC consortium was awarded the supervision contract regarding studies and designs for the RegioTram project in Cundinamarca, Colombia, which will have a link to Bogotá.
The LRT system will connect central Bogotá with Facatativá, Madrid, Mosquera and Funza municipalities in the west of Cundinamarca department.
The main objective of the contract, whose completion time has been set as 13 months, is to ensure the viability of this new transport system.
The consortium will carry out the consulting for the technical, legal and financial structuring concerning the new railway infrastructure construction as well and its maintenance and integral operation which also includes the acquisition of rolling stock.
In addition, the preparation of the pre-contractual and contractual documentation necessary for each of the project processes and the national and international promotion among investors, suppliers, financiers, insurers and other interested parties will be supervised.
RegiomTram is a LRT which will run between Facatativá and Bogotá, and will also pass through the municplaities of Madrid, Funza and Mosquera. The planned network will be 17 km long with 17 stations, 11 located in Bogotá and 6 in Cundinamarca, specifically in the municipalities of Mosquera, Madrid, Funza, Sector El Corzo and Facatativá.
This project deals with a new transport system which will be key not only for the country’s capital, but also for the entire region due to its multiple benefits. Not only will the system significantly reduce travel times, but it will also reduce road traffic and help cut C02 emissions. The cost of the works, which will be completed through public and private financing, is estimated to cost USD 1.74 million (COP 5.5 billion). Construction is expected to start in 2020 and be completed in 2023. The daily ridership is estimated at 126,000 passengers.

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