Comsa involved in four R&I projects

rail innovation projectsComsa Corporación will take part in four of the six rail innovation projects financed by the first round of Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking distributed in six Flagship Areas. EUR 300 million is the total budget for the R2DATO, IAM4RAIL, Rail4EARTH and FutuRe projects to be implemented in almost next four years.

Within the framework of Flagship Area 2 “Digital & Automated up to Autonomous Train Operations”, the R2DATO project, coordinated by the SNCF and carried out by Comsa Industrial, among other partners, aims to improve the capacity of existing railway networks by increasing punctuality, reliability, staff productivity, rolling stock and infrastructure, taking advantage of the benefits of automation and digitalisation, including autonomous train operations. This project has a cost of EUR 127.4 million, of which the EU is contributing EUR 53.9 million. The project is expected to have a duration of 42 months.

The IAM4RAIL project, coordinated by ADIF, is part of Flagship Area 3 “Intelligent & Integrated asset management” and focuses on the management of seven different integrated demonstrators for railway assets that are key to research and innovation (R&I) in the railway sector. It has a 48-month implementation period and a cost of EUR 77 million, to which the EU will contribute EUR 46.2 million.

The call under the Flagship Area 4 “A sustainable and green rail system” has awarded the project, Rail4EARTH, coordinated by Alstom, for the development of sustainable and green rail systems, including rolling stock, infrastructure, stations and all related subsystems. The total cost is EUR 64 million, of which the EU is contributing with EUR 38.4 million. This project will take 48 months to complete.

Comsa will also participate in the Flagship Area 6 under the Regional rail services / Innovative rail services to revitalise capillary lines, through the FutuRe project. It is coordinated by Faiveley Transport and executed by Comsa Industrial, which aims to offer innovative rail services to revitalise and renew feeder lines for passenger and freight traffic and regional services so that they are sustainable from an economic, social and environmental point of view and respond to the current needs and challenges of customers. In addition, connecting these rail services with public transport services and other services such as bicycle sharing and walking and driving from stations to remote locations is essential. FutuRe has a cost of EUR 25.8 million and receives a contribution of EUR 15.5 million from the EU. The execution period is 48 months.

Comsa Corporación is deeply involved in R&D projects and works for the development of advanced infrastructures with a high technological component in which innovation plays a fundamental role. In 2021, the company invested more than EUR 8.5 million euros in research, development and rail innovation projects supporting around thirty projects under development.


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