Citadis X05 trams enter operation in Athens

Citadis X05 LRV Attiko Metro, the public transport company of Athens has put into commercial operation the Citadis X05 LRV fleet running on a line that extends from the centre of Athens to the city’s Aegean Sea coast.

More than 60,000 passengers will daily use the latest generation of trams delivered by Alstom.

Prior to their entry into passenger service, the 25 trams successfully completed dynamic tests without passengers, totalling more than 15,000 km on city’s urban network, ensuring safe and reliable operation once in service.

“Despite the pandemic, we managed to deliver these trams on time, and we are very proud of that. Alstom has committed to improving passenger experience with comfortable and modern rolling stock, while increasing the capacity. During the recently concluded tests, Citadis X05 again proved its reliability and performance, while showing that its style and class suit Athens well,” Stavros Vlachos, Managing Director Alstom Greece said.

The Citadis X05 LRV fleet has been ordered in 2018 by the urban transport authority of Athens, are the first Alstom trams to ever circulate in Greece. They will run at a maximum speed of 70 km/h on the city’s existing network, as well as on any planned extensions.

In addition to the manufacturing and supply of the trams, Alstom is also responsible for the on-site testing, training and three-year warranty services, as well as spare parts for the vehicles.

The modern Citadis X05 trams supplement the existing fleet of light rail vehicles for use on the network in Athens and Piraeus. The five-section trams are 33.42 metres long and 2.40 metres wide, with a maximum capacity of 294 passengers.

Double doors along the entire length of the tram ensure enhanced accessibility. The Citadis X05 range offers superior passenger experience, with 20% more glass surface, LED technology for soft, homogeneous lighting, optimised air conditioning and ventilation system as well as travel information on large screens via a telematic system.

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