China issues maglev technical standards

On September 25, China’s National Railway Administration has published a set of technical standards for maglev, which will be implemented starting January 2020.
This is a basing industry standard for maglev, providing important technical support for standardizing and construction of maglev trains and system’s equipment.
According to the authority, China’s local governments plan to build maglev system which lead to the introduction of technical standards for construction and equipment manufacture.
The standards unify basic technical requirements for track gauge, clarify the main technical specifications of the maglev vehicle, providing guidelines for a high-quality construction maglev system in the country and promotes the specifications for the development of maglev equipment.
Authorities and experts from the domestic maglev technology brought their input to issue the technical standards. In addition, opinion and information was collected from state departments, local governments, railway construction and design companies as well as research institutes.
In 2006, Shanghai has put into commercial operation the world’s first high-speed maglev line, which runs at speeds of 430 km/h.
This year, CRRC has presented its prototype magnetic-levitation train which is designed for top speeds of 600 km/h.

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