China has successfully tested a hydrogen city train

China has successfully tested its first hydrogen city train, capable of reaching 160 kilometres per hour.

hydrogen city train

On Thursday, China’s first independently developed hydrogen city train successfully completed a test at a speed of 160 kilometres per hour. This achievement is a remarkable breakthrough in the application of hydrogen energy in rail transport, according to China’s Xinhua news agency.

The train, developed by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles in Changchun city, northeast China’s Jilin province, underwent a meticulous performance evaluation process in a variety of scenarios and operational contexts on a company-owned test track. The train’s performance was validated system-wide, in all scenarios and at all levels.

Unlike conventional trains, which rely on fossil fuels or catenary systems for power, the urban train under test is equipped with a hydrogen fuelling system, which can provide a powerful and long-lasting energy source. The train has a maximum range of more than 1,000 kilometres (which, if true, is comparable to the range of an Alstom iLint train).

The test data also shows that the hydrogen city train has an average energy consumption of 5 kilowatt-hours per kilometre, which is in line with the world leaders in the field.

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