China committed to its railway investments

China’s Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng announced that before 2020, the country’s railway network will reach 30,000 km, of which one-third will be represented by the high-speed lines.
According to the comprehensive plan for the development of transport, total investment in the system, during that 13th Five-Year Plan period, will be as much as CNY 15 trillion (USD 2.2 trillion). More than three quarters will be distributed to railway projects across the country. This year, China intends to invest CNY 800 billion (USD 116.4 billion) to expand its railway network.
According to the Transport Ministry, last year China allotted USD 116.6 billion to railway projects and it were opened four major high speed lines.
Currently, China has a 124,000 km railway network, of which 22,000 km are high speed lines.

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